CASSA Group values its collaborators by way of additional economic benefits that are beyond what is required by law


Economic benefits beyond what is required by law.

  • Minimum entry-level salary above legal minimum.
  • Annual bonuses.
  • Complete coverage during sick leave.
  • Savings cooperatives.
  • Life insurance.



  • Collaborators benefit from the transportation the company offers from San Salvador to the mills.


Scholarship program

  • Beneficiaries: Collaborators who earn less or equal to US$ 750.
  • Scholarships awarded to children of collaborators for primary and secondary school
  • Children of collaborators, beneficiaries of the Better Yourself! Volunteers program, with tutorials in English, IT, and values.
  • Children of collaborators participate in the “Youth with Value” certificate program.



  • Intramural games
  • Adult soccer team for collaborators
  • Sport and leisure facilities available for use by all personnel and their immediate family .



  • End of harvest celebration: End of the cutting and sugarcane processing period.
  • Holiday raffle for all collaborators.
  • Supermarket certificates for collaborators.
  • Children’s holiday party, with over 1,100 children of collaborators, who are given toys, joy, and entertainment.
  • Holiday packages for children of collaborators who specialize in sugarcane cutting.