CASSA Group, through its social responsibility program "Community Allies", promotes the social progress of sugarcane communities, via constant improvement in their crop production practices, and the implementation of projects with positive social and environmental impact.

Since 2011, the Community Allies program articulates the agricultural, industrial and commercial activities with the growth of the company, the wellbeing of stakeholders and environmental conservation; as a means to guarantee the sustainable development of the company, our suppliers and the communities neighboring our productive activities.

Over the years, the program has benefitted more than 43,000 Salvadorans, and created the CASSA Volunteers Network, with more than 2,000 members. As a result, this program contributes to the sustainability of the agricultural operation along the value chain, through the promotion of best practices and the construction of win-win relationships in the surrounding areas, in harmony with social, economic and environmental considerations.


2018 Investment



29,200 people

66 communities

15 rural public schools (8 in the west and 7 in the east)


The design process for the Social Action Model for Agricultural Sustainability was conducted through a participatory process which included visiting the neighboring communities and meeting with local leaders to identify the social, physical and economic conditions of the families in the communities.

The model is made up of three action areas: 1) Sustainable Agricultural Management, 2) Sustainable Relationships, and 3) Community Development.